Earn While You Learn

I just scored my first sales job

6 months later...

Not what you were expecting, right?

You received little or no training, you were left in a corner to produce and are not even close to making the income they promised…

Why are you still there?

We can make the transition easy with paid training and placement within weeks.

I am searching for work

Getting started in sales can be tough

Finding the right job is hard

Employers are looking for candidates with real experience. Taking a risk on an unproven candidate is hard. 

Stop sitting around searching, applying, and hoping.

Get paid to gain the knowledge and skills you need while we find you the right fit.

I would be good at sales

Now what?

Find out what it takes

If you’re new to sales, finding the right fit can be hard.

Is their product something you’d like to sell? Will you get the right training and leadership? Is there opportunity for advancement?

We help you know what to look for.

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Join The Academy


“Doug and Dan are great mentors, business men, and family men. Without their help and guidance I would not be where I am today. Not only did they teach me how to be a professional in an inside sales role, they also helped me find a full time, (i.e. salary + commission, full benefits, 401k) awesome job, in less than a month.”

Cameron Klim, StaffBridge

“Fuel Sales Academy is the best place I have ever worked. I did the summer internship program and was placed in a job at eSolutions Inc. after the summer. I have worked at eSolutions since and thank Dan and Doug for everything they taught me along the way.

I couldn’t have done it without Fuel. It’s one of the best places I have ever worked !! 11/10 would highly recommend the program!”

Danica Gall, eSolutions

“Before I went to Fuel, I was stuck in a job that involved 60-70+ hour work weeks with no regard to my life outside of work. I had no idea how to change industries. Doug and Dan brought me in and taught me the ins and outs of sales and gave me a firm foundation to get started. I was given the chance to prove my worth in an industry I had no experience in all while being paid.

Instead of falling backwards into a sales job that may or may not have been a good environment. I was placed in front of up and coming start ups that were all screened by Dan and Doug to be a healthy work place in which I could continue to learn and grow. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity those guys have given me.”

Tyler Graves, RFP360

“Dan and Doug helped me get on a career path that has changed my life.  They were diligent in finding the right job for me and still keep in touch.  Great men and great business.”

Brent Holzapfel, eSolutions

“This is a fantastic opportunity to start your career in sales or SDR work. As others have mentioned, if you come in, do work, make calls, and continuously strive to maintain a great work ethic, Doug and Dan will have your back. If you are committed to improving and implement feedback, you will be given multiple placement opportunities.”

Jackson Dietz, Companion Protect

“Fuel was a great place to learn and develop new skills for a change in my career. Dan and Doug have created an atmosphere for people from all walks of life to grow professionally and personally. They helped lead me towards the best job I have had and know they can do the same for anyone else.”

Nicholas Brandt, Companion Protect

“Fuel Sales Academy is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Great place to work if you want to explore your skill set. Doug and Dan are two very knowledgeable men who know the ins and outs of sales. They have a great perspective of getting down to work but they also care about their employees. I would definitely recommend them to a friend or family member. 5 stars.”

Maxwell Goodspeed, GlynnDevins

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