Fully trained and proven successful SDRs, ready to start today.

Recruiting SDRs

Will they be productive?

The Old Process

  • Reviewing hundreds of applications
  • Little or no experience
  • Personality tests + your gut instinct
  • Hope at least 50% are productive

How much time and money are you wasting on this worn out process?

FuelSales flips the script providing you with professionally trained, proven assets GUARANTEED!

Training SDRs

How long does it take to make them successful?

Building Successful Teams Takes Time

“They need more time… they will get it.”

How long are you willing to wait-and-see until a new SDR becomes productive? 4 months? 6 months? How much money have you lost once you realize the person is not going to get it?

Stop wasting time with the guessing game. FuelSales graduates are proven to be successful in the role.

Retaining SDRs

Churn can be a killer...

What is your Retention Rate?

The average tenure of an SDR is about 18 months. Finding the right person and training them in this role is not enough. They are looking for a career path.

Quality SDRs are driven to learn and develop into the next-level salesperson.

Graduates of the FuelSales Academy join a community where they have access to resources that help grow.

Where our SDRs are finding success

Become a Hiring Partner

“Without (FuelSales’) help and guidance, I would not be where I am today. Not only was I taught how to be a professional in an inside sales role, they also helped me find a full time, awesome job, in less than a month.”

Cameron Klim, StaffBridge

I couldn’t have done it without FuelSales. 11/10. I would highly recommend the program!”

Danica Gall, eSolutions

“FuelSales taught me the ins and outs of sales and gave me a firm foundation to get started. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity.”

Tyler Graves, RFP360

“FuelSales helped me get on a career path that has changed my life. They were diligent in finding the right job for me and they still keep in touch.”

Brent Holzapfel, eSolutions

“(FuelSales provides) a fantastic opportunity to start your career in sales or SDR work. If you are committed to improving and implement feedback, you will be given multiple placement opportunities.”

Jackson Dietz, Companion Protect

“FuelSales was a great place to learn and develop new skills for a change in my career. FuelSales created an atmosphere for people from all walks of life to grow professionally and personally. They helped lead me towards the best job I have had and know they can do the same for anyone else.”

Nicholas Brandt, Companion Protect

“FuelSales Academy is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Great place to work if you want to explore your skill set, with leadership who knows the ins and outs of sales.”

Maxwell Goodspeed, GlynnDevins

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